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Getting to Yes

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Superior negotiation and persuasion skills can make all the difference in your prosperity and quality of life. Getting to Yes is six days of rehearsal in the Harvard Principle of negotiating agreements without compromising friendships.

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Superior negotiation and persuasion skills can make all the difference in your prosperity and quality of life. Getting to Yes is six days of rehearsal in the Harvard Principle of negotiating agreements without compromising friendships.

Traditional negotiation injures and alienates. The most famous ‘old school’ course begins with a story: A man who gets caught in a winter storm spies a bear cave in the forest. The man is cold and the bear is hungry. Later that day the bear is no longer hungry and the man is no longer cold. In other words, somebody had to lose.

Typical win-lose methods often require the destruction of one side. Traditional selling and negotiating tactics have led to countless battles between people, from hostile divorces and broken businesses, to persecution and wars.

The Getting to Yes training provides you with an intelligent alternative. You can stop the madness by finding common ground and winning people over to mutually satisfying outcomes.

Our approach is based on the discoveries of game theorists like John Nash (A Beautiful Mind) who created mathematical models to create win-win scenarios. The math is complex, but anyone can easily learn to win a friend and create an outcome that works for everyone.

Historically, Kennedy and Khrushchev played zero sum (lose-lose) games that brought the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation. More recently Reagan and Gorbachov used a more enlightened form of negotiation to bring down the Berlin Wall and end the cold war. Your negotiations might not be that critical. But one life will go much better when you learn to get what you need—yours.

Forget about old-fashioned tricks and techniques that force strained agreements and get short-term sales, but cost you loyal clients. Our unique role-play and inner theater approach lets you “learn by doing.” We laugh, we learn, and we gain amazing new skills for winning friends and resolving conflicts. Years from now you will look back on this course as a major turning point in your career—the point from which your projects began to bear fruit and the money began to pour. You will also remember this experience as one of the most fun things you have done in your entire life.

When people use soft selling and negotiation methods, they rarely get what they need. But when they resort to hard selling and negotiation tactics, they turn off their clients and damage their own reputations. Compromising between hard and soft only creates confusion and indecision. So we created a third way — light selling — that combines the Harvard Principle with the Sage Learning Method.

Using the latest breakthroughs in public speaking and stage training, you quickly discover new ways of lighting people up by responding to their genuine curiosity. You will learn to use feedback to recognize the physical indicators of trust. 

A successful sale or negotiation is a circuit. Your job is to move your client through specific stages of acceptance. A baseball diamond makes the perfect metaphor. Home base represents curiosity, which is where the journey begins, and where the transaction achieves completion. You get to first base by creating a genuine connection with your client. To advance to second base you must be able to embrace his or her considerations. Reaching third base comes from closing the deal. You score when you bring your client full circle by bringing them to a new level of curiosity about you and the services you offer.

You need constant training to stay on top of your game. Just as a professional athlete practices and rehearses every contingency over and over, a professional business player finds the finest coaches possible and dedicates to do what is necessary to achieve high performance. No other professional training even comes close to providing the skills you will master in this course.

By attending this course you will:

• Get the price you want for your services.

• Increase the number of people you serve.

• Leave clients feeling good about doing business with you.

• Win new associates and mentors to develop your career.

• Become aware of new opportunities and partnerships.

• Enhance your prosperity and feeling of aliveness.

• Feel more confident in negotiating with bankers, vendors and clients.

• Resolve old, bitter disputes that have clouded your heart and mind.

There are two kinds of people--those who spend their life thinking it over and those who take action. Just say yes to success.

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