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Geisha School

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Serenity brings a woman to a feeling of deep calm. As her body releases pent up anxiety and anger, her sweet feminine nature emerges. Her peaceful aura soothes men and brings out their strong, protective qualities.

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Serenity brings a woman to a feeling of deep calm. As her body releases pent up anxiety and anger, her sweet feminine nature emerges. Her peaceful aura soothes men and brings out their strong, protective qualities.

In these tumultuous times women often lose touch with that wise, sweet side of their nature. Too many succumb to the hectic pace of living, to the demands of raising a family, or to the stress of earning a living.

A woman who earned her living as a professional coach went to Thailand for a few days to escape the conflict in her relationship and the stress of her career. She was invited to spend a few days living in the home of a Thai woman who still lived in the natural rhythm of her ancient culture. Together the women shopped for local food, cooked special Thai dishes, and talked for hours about unimportant things.

When the coach returned home, she was different. Everything was different. Her deep, calm and profound acceptance brought a new order to her life. She exuded nurturing kindness.

Geisha School can do that for you. By spending four days with women that have achieved that inner glow, you will find the spark that can restart the quiet fire of your gentle nature.

When women gather to relinquish their pain and release the resentment that clouds their mind, they quickly come to an epiphany. Through self-realization, they discover the deep bond of trust and friendship that has been the source of wisdom for mankind since the dawn of time.

Obviously you can’t get that kind of experience by reading a book or learning facts. To tune up your heart and mind you have to be there in person to tap into the osmosis—the vivid current of acceptance that flows between women when they laugh and play together.

This course brings you together with highly accomplished women that exude the kind of love you want to feel.

The Process of Effective Change

The 20th Century brought many long-awaited and much needed changes to the game between men and women. Voting rights, birth control, and opportunities for entrepreneurship changed life for the better. And the pace of change continues to accelerate.

But in this brave new world we have also lost some good things. Women have become tougher. Too many have forgotten the art of enticing and enchanting men.

Geisha School will open a new dimension of enjoyment between you and the men in your life. You will learn storytelling and conversational skills that will open doors of opportunity for you.

The closest translation of the word Geisha is performing artist. In modern Japan the word has become loosely associated with all forms of male entertainment. But the traditional Geisha were a culture that cultivated inner beauty and wisdom.

A central tenet of the Geisha culture was the discipline of keeping secrets. Wealthy men never had to fear what they said in the company of these discreet women. Today, more than ever, women gain access to power and wealth through their ability to converse intelligently with men, and to protect the professional and private secrets of businessmen.

Mia Sage has taken the discipline of trust to a whole new level. Mia is a modern day muse—a woman that knows how to inspire men and women alike. Through appreciative inquiry and gentle feedback she shows women the precise impact of their words, tones, and movements. You will quickly see how you can adjust the stories you tell to men and about men.

Wealth and power evade women that speak commonly. Wise women learn how to use fashion, beauty, inner theater, storytelling, dance, movement, humor and profound attentiveness to build trust with the opposite sex.

Geisha School is a light, sweet experience that brings women together for celebration of the womanly arts. If you are ready to enter a new dimension of love and respect with great men, we invite you to participate with us for four days of delightful dialogue and exploration of the feminine mystique.  

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