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As your authentic self, you are capable of great achievements. The radiant curiosity you emanated as a child is the most accurate reflection of your true nature. Self- Actualization is an exciting seven-day event designed to restore the sweetness and simplicity of your essence.

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“Nothing has a greater influence…on your children than the unlived life of the parent. ” --C.G. Jung

As your authentic self, you are capable of great achievements. The radiant curiosity you emanated as a child is the most accurate reflection of your true nature. Self-Actualization is an exciting seven-day event designed to restore the sweetness and simplicity of your essence.

People live mundane lives. Their minds are clouded with worry and injured by conflicts that blur their natural aliveness. Innate joy and creativity are held captive in a web of anxiety and anger. Melodramatic cycles of punishment and revenge pollute the psyche. Thrashing about in pain, people unconsciously hurt the people they love most.

Self-Actualization shows you how to shift your attention from the painful world presented by the ego to the pleasurable sensations of living in one’s essence. In your quest for a peak experience, you will come face to face with your shadow. As you learn to embrace the rage and shame that bind your aliveness, you will begin the journey from that dark, painful struggle into the lightness of your actual self.  

By attending this seminar you will have an opportunity to challenge your values and assumptions, and to profoundly alter your perceptions. The spontaneous fulfillment of your desires will free you from grief and repression.

You are a marvelous human, trapped in a quagmire of false perception. Life keeps showing you the same problems over and over again because you are lost in the trance of memory that is masquerading as conscious awareness. The mirror of self-reflection only lets you see what you expect.  

Perpetuating your story isolates you from the people you love. You can waste you life in mistaken resistance or you can open your eyes to the love that is all around you. Self-Actualization shows you how to communicate from the deepest reaches of your being.

Our expert trainers will show you how to confront the twin demons of paradox and confusion so you can shatter your limiting mental models. We use advanced inner theater methods to reveal the double binds that routinely cause people to injure themselves and push away intimacy and friendship.

This course offers “tough love” in the extreme. You will be astonished by the honesty, and by the feeling of absolute acceptance. In an environment of deep receptivity, you will find your true voice. Your foolishness and petty mindedness will dissolve into laughter as you find the courage to explore the life you were meant to live.

The Challenge

Self Actualization will be the most powerful workshop you have ever attended. The ride can be rough and rude, so only undertake this journey if you are physically and emotionally strong enough to emerge from your cocoon and live without your fairy tales.

This event reveals the fallacies of culture and tradition so it may not sit well with people who make it their business to control your life or your beliefs. Before you can be self-actualized, you have to become self-directed. That means you have to find the courage to see through your programming and restore your instinctive curiosity and lust for life. You will see through many of the ideals and beliefs people use to dominate one another. As you learn to let go, you will enter new dimensions of freedom and aliveness.

High performance coaching is geared toward the light-hearted and open-minded. Profanity, strong language, and irreverent dialogue weed out the bigoted and ignorant, so you can be sure your teammates are as playful and curious as you are. Here you are invited to unleash the profound sensual force that has been held captive by the fear of what other people might think.

Achieving a peak experience requires a peak performance, so you will be expected to participate with all your intelligence and enthusiasm. If you are a player who appreciates high performance and enjoys the rigorous discipline necessary to awaken full aliveness, then you are invited to join us for a few days of radical honesty—to discover the life you were meant to live.

Self-Actualization brings about striking visible physical transformation, as well as career and lifestyle changes. It builds courage through observation and feedback, and through surgically accurate reflection of your strengths and weaknesses. Only attend if you are willing to have your armor shattered. Without your customary numbness you will see and feel everything vividly. Only when you stand defenseless can you realize the elusive obvious – you are a great soul and the universe is a safe place.

Behind your doubts and worries lies your genuine self. Beyond the roles you play lives the brilliant character that longs to live with style and flair. If you are ready to blow the lid off your limitations, this is your event. Self-Actualization is essential training for global players who intend to prosper in the new economy. It is a "boot camp" for entrepreneurs and leaders who understand the importance of the pleasure principle in the new service economy.

This training will enable you to:

➢ See yourself as others see you.

➢ See the value in other people.

➢ Smash through compromise and denial.

➢ Reveal the life you really desire.

➢ Replace caring with compassion.

➢ Laugh deep, long and hard.

➢ Come to terms with your shadow.

➢ Unleash the force in your repressed libido.

➢ Embrace your animal nature.

➢ Feel the emotions backed into your muscles and organs.

➢ Forgive yourself for past mistakes.

➢ Become a more fully functioning person.

As we transition into the experience economy we need a new kind of education, one that enables us to accept ourselves and interact warmly with a wide range of people. Knowledge isn't enough. Social maturity is essential. If you are ready to completely change your life, you have to start by changing your direction. If that fits where you are in your life, send an e-mail to our friendly team at Sage University to begin the dialogue that will start this transformation in your life. 

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