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We all know how good it feels to play on a team with other people that share our excitement and love of the game. When you apply teamwork to your business you achieve far greater rewards.

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We all know how good it feels to play on a team with other people that share our excitement and love of the game. When you apply teamwork to your business you achieve far greater rewards. As you learn how to win people to give their best, you begin to look forward to the pleasure of each and every business day.

Team Spirit is the most powerful force available to us as human beings. The six-day Teambuilding seminar will show you how to tap that force in your life and your career.

When you lack the skills to build an inspired team, you are doomed to work hard. Your career is a series of losses and bitter disappointments. We have all been programmed to act heroically and to stand out from other people. To achieve real success we all need other people we can depend on to face the challenges and to share the rewards when we win.

Lone wolves aren’t just alone. They are lonely and broke. They have to fight for every scrap. People that work alone always burn out. Eventually they quit or fail outright.

No one ever showed you how to build your own team, let alone how to win loyalty and teamwork. So we created this training to show you how to recruit and train people to play together as a unit—many bodies playing together as one mind, one heart, and one spirit.

Sage University is unsurpassed in showing you how to build high-spirited teams that get results. We built our success over the last 30 years on the magic of high intensity cooperation. Playing on our teams makes you feel like you are participating in a championship game.

You will return to your life with more effective people skills that will enable you to recruit, train, and coach teams that move more energy and money.

You can make your life easier and increase your income radically by learning the fundamentals of business as a sport. Join us on Ibiza for six days of intense play to learn the real essence of teamwork.

You can learn to become an effective team leader. Being competent isn’t enough. To make the leap to a team leader requires a whole new set of communication skills and procedures. To lead a team you must be able to conduct effective team meetings. You have to know how to separate winners from whiners. And you have to have the sensitivity to recognize good team players and cut the people—even the talented ones—that cannot or will not merge into the spirit of the team.

As you learn how to create the right business environment, people self-select. Winners band together to reach a common goal.

The Teambuilding seminar puts you into action, playing on teams and leading teams. You will confront the paradoxes that paralyze most organizations, and you will learn how to take the meaningful actions that resolve double binds and unleash the human spirit.

The first days will be hard because you will get a clear reflection of your habitual patterns of leadership. You won’t like what you see. But you will quickly understand why people work against you instead of playing for you.

Next you will learn entirely new methods for turning tasks into games and for inspiring people to play their hearts out. The word “new” can’t fully describe the new dimension of awareness you will develop. You will depart this seminar with an expanded ability to create disciplined teams.

Most importantly, you will become acutely aware of your innate limitations. That knowledge will enable you to seek out the staff and the team you need to build a great organization.

This is a physical seminar. Together we will play sporting games and perform tasks that require teamwork. As your body learns, your heart will come alive with pleasure.

He who hesitates is lost. So seize this rare opportunity to make the leap from endless struggle to passionate engagement in your career. Sign up today.

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