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The Feminine Community

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Maui is the Hawaiian island that represents the deepest, sweetest aspect of feminine love. That is why we chose this magical location for our 4-day exploration into the power of women in community.

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Women love to cooperate. Nurture is part of our nature. In a world of masculine rules we lose our way. The Feminine Community brings us together to activate our wisdom in both personal and professional arenas. 

Men learn to cooperate by playing on sports teams from an early age. The subtle skills they learn on the playing field give them a big advantage in business. Few women ever learn to play together. While men tend to lift each other up, too many women fall into the habit of taking each other down.

There is only one person powerful enough to change your life and your career. You are that person. But you can’t do it alone. That is why you might want to spend a few days in Hawaii attending this exquisite feminine training program.

On the warm sunny island of Maui, in the company of other curious women, you will discover ancient qualities in yourself. You will come to understand the real meaning of responsibility by learning to be responsive to the needs of the feminine community. By participating in a series of delightful exercises you will learn to internalize the rhythm of playing together with other highly effective women.

In business and in life you only achieve championship level play when you pour your heart into a passionate game. As you learn to strive together and to win with other women, you discover the incredible love that only teammates share.

Meet Mia Sage and her team on Maui to discover how inner discipline can deepen and enrich your connection to other women.

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