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Have you ever listened to an enchanting speaker, or watched a charismatic trainer, and wondered how it would feel to inspire people like that? The person in front of the room has the fun, gets the attention, earns the money, and has the best chance to find the right mate or partner.

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Have you ever listened to an enchanting speaker, or watched a charismatic trainer, and wondered how it would feel to inspire people like that? The person in front of the room has the fun, gets the attention, earns the money, and has the best chance to find the right mate or partner.

Great communication is a skill. It isn’t a talent that some people have and others don’t. Public speaking is a craft, like carpentry or piano. Your voice becomes an instrument that fascinates and inspires.

If you attend this course and put in the practice, you will master the art of lighting up an audience and filling a room with excitement. The 5-day Trainer Training provides the rehearsal you need to make sizzling presentations that attract large, enthusiastic audiences.

Your success in business and life comes down to your ability to move people with your message. Great training takes poise, timing, vitality, strategy and just a touch of magic.

You already have flair. What you need is a coach that can fan that spark into a flame. The Sage University coaches can bring out the traits that make you a unique and powerful force. They can see the hidden brilliance in you and encourage your aliveness until you are glowing and your presentations sparkle and shine.

Virtually all public speaking courses can teach you how to move, to speak, and to present a logical, solid message. But they use old-fashioned criticism and teaching techniques that put you in your head. Our systemic approach expands your awareness so that you can accurately sense the flow of energy and the waves of vitality that bring your message alive. 

The Sage University Trainer Training will show you how to lead the field. Our unique approach offers continuous instruction, practice, and feedback, until you can awaken the aliveness of your audiences and hold them spellbound for hours with your oratory.

Forget about hype and pomp. Here you will learn to see and feel the field of vitality that people share, and to fuse your passion with theirs. You will learn how to view the audience as a living system that responds like a fine orchestra to your words, tones and vibrations.

Storytelling: The finest trainers are those who tell the best stories. The essence of every film, book and presentation is the storyline. You can learn to tell your own story in a way that makes people appreciate their lives more deeply. You will also learn to elicit the stories of other people by being so inspired by them that you bring out their brilliance.

Our “learning by doing” approach puts you on stage for 5 straight days of feedback and instruction, until you can weave the threads of life into an exciting narrative that puts people on the edge of their seats. Every great speaker and leader throughout history had a knack for teaching the deepest truths with elegant stories.

Strategic Intervention: People yearn for a better life, but they are all caught in double binds – mental snarls that trap them in lives of boredom and loneliness. An effective presentation does more than inform and entertain. Your message opens new dimensions of awareness that free their hearts and minds.

The Trainer Training will show you how to develop proven strategies that transform peoples’ lives. As you deliver your insights, people will become aware of their unconscious patterns. Through your strategies, they will discover new career options.

Only the finest trainers can really raise eyebrows with intelligent, insightful strategies that deliver substance. Your vitality and your clarity will change minds and open hearts. People will make new choices that really make a difference in their lives.

Appreciative Inquiry: You can learn to ask questions that reveal peoples’ finest qualities to them. Your deep curiosity unlocks peoples’ minds. They will remember you, and they will tell their friends.

A great presentation makes people curious by planting penetrating questions in their minds. When you learn the right questions and master the timing of inquiry, you will move people through profound stages of understanding.

When you learn the right questions, your queries will take root in their hearts. People will come away with an experience of their genuine quality. Your curiosity gives them a glimpse of their own value.

The Fun in Function: There is a great secret known only to the finest performers and trainers—when you are highly amused, you are highly amusing. Your audience responds to the vibration of your pleasure even more than to what you say or do.

We have all been subjected to trite, boring presentations by schoolteachers, professors, speakers, and trainers. This training is designed to enlighten and enliven you, so that you can consistently generate enthusiastic celebration.

Energy—The Invisible Force: When you speak to people, you are always presenting in two domains simultaneously. One is the physical room filled with minds and bodies exchanging words and ideas. The other is the field of information and energy that fills the room. Only rarely do you find a trainer that can bring people to vivid states of awareness. Few coaches, trainers or speakers have the tools to enliven an audience.

You can learn to “read” the vitality level of a room. You just need to rehearse your observation and feedback skills until you can conduct a meeting like a great maestro conducts an orchestra.

Find Your Authentic Theme: Your challenge is to find your authentic message so that you really have something to say.

Most speeches, and presentations are based on the singular notion that there is a problem and that the content of your training will solve it. But that theme gets old, because real life is more fascinating than just problem-solving. Great trainers offer innovative themes that inspire and transform. Your true message emanates from the very core of your being.

Influential speakers surprise and delight audiences with parables and descriptions of events that leave people astonished and hungry for more. Eloquence is more than fine words. It requires a theme that electrifies. We will show you how to discover the theme in you that wins audiences.

How it Works: Class will begin with intense, in-depth interviews that will arouse your curiosity and awaken gifts and talents you didn’t know you had. You will find yourself appreciating the commitment level and participation of your teammates more and more with each passing hour.

Soon you will be part of a team spirit so strong that you will feel like a champion. Then you will take the stage to pour your heart and soul into raising the intelligence and energy of your teammates. They will egg you on—no advice or criticism—just loud clear feedback that will feel just right.

You Can Do This

Contagious excitement ignites unexpected passions that will reveal you as the person that you always wanted to be.

You can forget about stage fright, timidity and lack of confidence. You will never again have to worry about aggressive audiences or critics. The Sage University trainers will shift your entire reality so that you literally wake up in a new world of enthusiastic clients.

If you are still reading, you obviously have the curiosity and discipline necessary to deliver high-performance training. Become the trainer that you always wanted to be. Join us in Ibiza for 5 exciting days to master the art of speaking.

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